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  • Oct-12-2023

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Apr 16th, 2024 Waiting

Investment Plans: 0.4% daily for 30 Days, 0.5% daily for 90 Days, 0.7% daily for 180 Days, 1% daily for 365 Days (Principal Return)

Apr 10th, 2024 Waiting

Investment Plans: 1% Daily For 7 Days, 1.4% Daily For 14 Days, 1.8% Daily For 21 Days, 2.2% Daily For 28 Days, 2.6% Daily For 35 Days, 3% Daily For 50 Days(Deposit Returned) is a listing of high yield investment programs.
You can only add a new investment program or a game if you are it's administrator or owner.
Do not submit a referral url. Write an e-mail in your program domain.
After approving your service it will be added in the list.
We have the right to refuse your program listing.
If you submit to any type of advertising option and your program will be not paying to investors, we have the right to disable your advertising.
You cannot rate your own program. If our system will find these votes program will be blacklisted. To get more proper votes you can place our button in most visible place on your site and ask your members for voting every 24 hours.


+Project will place in the VIP LIST category for life time.
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+Sharing Proof of Money Withdrawals on Details Section
+Banner 1250*150 For 30 Days (As a Gift)
+Banner 7288*00 For 45 Days (As a Gift)
+We make a special presentation for your project on our Youtube channel.
+Posting Our Mailing List (over +12000 People)
+Regular sharing of proof of payment on - and forum sites.
+We share a link to the article prepared for your project on + + + +
+Support 7/24

+Project will place in the EXCLUSIVE LIST category for life time.
+Special Review Page By Besthyip24 Team
+Screenshots of the Investment We Make in Your Site are Shared in the Reviews
+Sharing Proof of Money Withdrawals on Details Section
+Banner 728*90 For 20 Days (As a Gift)
+Banner 468*60 For 30 Days (As a Gift)
+We make a special presentation for your project on our Youtube channel.
+Posting Our Mailing List (over +5000 People)
+Regular sharing of proof of payment on - and forum sites.
+We share a link to the article prepared for your project on + + + +
+Support 7/24

+Project will place in the PREMIUM LIST category for life time.
+Special Review Page By Besthyip24 Team
+Screenshots of the Investment We Make in Your Site are Shared in the Reviews
+Sharing Proof of Money Withdrawals on Details Section
+Banner 728*90 For 10 Days (As a Gift)
+Banner 468*60 For 10 Days (As a Gift)
+We make a special presentation for your project on our Youtube channel.
+Posting Our Mailing List (over +5000 People)
+Regular sharing of proof of payment on - and forum sites.
+We share a link to the article prepared for your project on + + + +
+Support 7/24

+Project will place in the SILVER LIST category for life time.
+Special Review Page By Hyipwork Team
+Screenshots of the Investment We Make in Your Site are Shared in the Reviews
+Sharing Proof of Money Withdrawals on Details Section
+Banner 728*90 For 5 Days (As a Gift)
+Posting Our Mailing List (over +5000 People)
+Regular sharing of proof of payment on - and forum sites.
+We share a link to the article prepared for your project on + + + +
+Support 7/24


+Project will place in the TRIAL LIST category for life time.
+Support 7/24
Dear Admin. If you have decided to add a project to the site, you can create your order using the following payment methods. You can pay fot joining to our site using Perfect Money - Payeer, USDT, Litecoin and Bitcoin

PerfectMoney U35161713 (Manual or automatic payment option)

USDT TPsisxcWqkHo8JSi4SWnaDnnFuuzn211v4 (Manual or automatic payment option)

Litecoin MFpLNe53VKimVae4MWX4XJnYFjc7uk6KQi (Manual or automatic payment option)

Payeer P1042203586 (Manual or automatic payment option)

BitCoin 3GdhAYnwifqbMvE6udqfbWTZXT2EA8dUdt(Manual payment)

Users who will pay with Perfect Money can pay automatically by clicking the "Add Your Program" tab.
Bitcoin and payeer.Payeer, USDT, Litecoin payments are (Manual or automatic payment option). After paying to one of the above addresses, you just need to send the payment details, the name of the list you want to join and the domain address to [email protected] After the payment process, your project will be added to the list you selected between 1 hour and 5 hours. (usually your project add within 1 hour)

What is HYIP?
HYIP it is an abbreviation from High Yield Investment Program, they accumulate a capital from contributions of conventional Internet users. For use investors deposit, HYIPs are paid an interest from deposit, based on the investment plans. Feature of HYIP is that, interest is accrued on a daily basis (sometimes hourly, weekly or monthly). Percentage of interest can range from 0.5% to 10% daily! But, the best and safest option is 1-3% per day, it is 30-90% per month (more than annual interest in bank). Usually minimum contribution in HYIPs is between $5 and $20.
How HYIPs earning so much money?
Trading at Forex is a common legend, but also it can be developments in new technologies (know-how), trade antiques, oil, diamonds, alternative energy, gambling and other high-yielding activities. But, like any source of high income, HYIP is a very risky type of investment.
Is it the fastest and easiest way to make money? Where is the catch?
There is one problem. HYIP, in the traditional sense, is almost gone. Most of the current HYIP (about 99%) is a financial pyramid scheme that does not earn money, but just pretend they are working. They pay interest not from the profits that have received, they pay from new deposits. Very difficult to distinguish financial pyramid and the real HYIP. While there is a flood of new deposits, HYIP-pyramid will regularly pay to all investors. Nevertheless, you can earn in HYIPs.
How to earn in HYIPs?
When scammer launches the HYIP, he spends his money on the web site (hosting, script, design, advertising, etc.). From amount of costs depends period during which HYIP will recoup costs. HYIP administrator expects to receive more money than it spends, and until he reaches that goal, it will pay to all investors. In this interval of time you can earn in HYIP. Some programs are working less than week, and the other for 1-2 years before they stop paying and become SCAM. It is real to earn in HYIPs, but you need to know how to choose programs and which strategies use for investment. Using of referral program and RCB will speed up the process of making a profit.
How big is the risk of losing money?
The risk of losing the money invested in pyramid or real HYIP approximately equally big. In the first case, it all depends on the popularity of the project and the inflow of new deposits. In the second case, success in trading or etc. Even the real Forex trading or poker may suffer losses, that can lead to the closure of the investment project. Despite the risks, HYIP industry becomes more popular with each year.
What is HYIP Monitoring, why is it needed?
It is website (like which makes rating of HYIPs added to listing. Rating based on analysis of technical information and personal experience of monitoring administration. Monitoring provide technical information about HYIPs that helps investors determine the choice of HYIP investment. In addition, monitoring shows the current payment status of the investment project and the regularity of payments. HYIP monitoring has active deposit and receiving payments like ordinary investors, on this basis monitoring shows payment status. Monitoring accept complaints from investors about problems with HYIP and gives recommendations to investors with problematic situations. There is a voting function in the monitoring, where each investor can place an assessment HYIP and leave a comment, which will see the other users of monitoring.
Should I trust the HYIP Monitoring?
Some monitorings shows not actual payment status. This is due to fast dynamic in the Internet and frequency of payments received from HYIP. Very often, the administrator of monitoring is a one person, who receiving payment once a day. After receiving of payment, any HYIP can stop pay before pass twenty-four hours for next payment. Or administrator of HYIP stopped paying to usual investors, but pays only to monitorings what often happens. If you do not want to make deposit after an hour when HYIP is already closed, you should check payment status on few monitors, read comments and payment proofs on HYIP forums.
Is it true that the Monitorings did not investing their money?
Yes. Usually funds for deposit provide administration of HYIP. But can be and exceptions, when administrator of monitoring is sure in the profitability of HYIP, then he invests his own money. HYIP pay for monitoring services. Except rating, monitoring offering for HYIP support at forums, it means post payment proofs on HYIP forums, and other advertising services. Administration of HYIP expects return of costs for monitoring in the form of investors inflow.
All Monitorings bribed by HYIPs?
No, but some administrators of monitoring put their own interests above the interests of investors, and it is bad. The initial task of monitoring is to display the most current information about HYIP. If monitoring admin takes bribes or distorts information about HYIP, he will lose standing in the eyes of investors and they will not visit monitoring site again. HYIP monitoring without regular visitors is not interesting for HYIPs. We believe that reputation is more valuable than money and do our best to objectively rate the HYIPs.
Can you give an example of a profitable HYIP?
For over 20 years HYIP industry gives the opportunity to earn in hundreds of projects, for example:
BSFinance Limited paid 2.1% daily for 20 days, every day (7 days per week), working more than 600 days, earnings could be 1047% of net profit.
Ceribo paid 2.1% daily for 15 days, working more than 400 days, earnings could be 438% ROI.
Yesss paid 0.8% - 5% daily for 777 - 30 days, working more than 1400 days, earnings could be from 1694% ROI.
Other examples, payment proofs and reviews of investors you can find in Internet (HYIP Forums, blogs, HYIP Monitors).
How to deposit money in HYIP?
There are many electronic payment systems in the Internet. Some of them are anonymous, and some require full or partial identification. It is also possible contributions through a bank or via plastic card, if the administration of HYIP will provide that. The most popular payment system for investing in HYIP was Perfect Money and Payeer, but now they do not allow investing or withdrawal from HYIPs. So, better to use USDT-TRC20 stablecoin, TRON, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin or BNB.BSC as an excellent alternative to all payment systems. It is strongly not recommended to invest through WebMoney, AdvCash, OkPay, these payment systems do not welcome HYIPs and can block accounts.
How to become an investor in HYIP?
Simply, sign up in HYIP online and make deposit via electronic payment system, do not forget to withdraw profit everyday. Also, you need to have an account in the payment system through which HYIP accepts deposits. How to register or add money to account in any payment system you will find in the Internet, there is many information. Almost every HYIP have FAQ page, do not forget to read it, there is answers to most questions about investment and withdrawal.
What means "Status" of HYIP?
PAYING : we have received all payments in time, according to conditions, and there is no complaints from investors.
WAITING : HYIP added to listing but first payment not received yet. Or is there a slight delay in payment longer than the deadline. Or received a complaint from an investor, but information is not verified yet. Temporary unavailability of HYIP site can be the reason for this status too.
PROBLEM : there is a significant (more than a day) delay in payment, more than deadline in conditions. Or we received a complaint from an investor and the information is checked and confirmed. Or the site of HYIP is unavailable more than one day without notification about the problem (server change, DDoS-attack etc.).
NOT PAYING : no payments are received according conditions of HYIP and administration does not respond to the e-mails. Or we found selective payments and received complaint from an investor, what was confirmed. After the assignment of this status, we report about it at public forums.
The decision to change the status depends on the particular situation too.
What is a Referral system and Referral commission?
Most internet websites using affiliate program, in HYIPs it is called Referral system. Essence of the following, attracting to the HYIP new investor, you will get a some % from deposit of attracted investor, this percentage is called a referral commission. Referral it is who was attracted, Referrer it is who attract. Sometimes do not need to invest by yourself, you can earn money in HYIPs by attracting other investors. The size of the referral commission can vary from 1 to 15 percent. Referral system can have several levels, where you can get a reward not only from your referrals, but also from the referral of your referrals (such as network marketing). Referral system can be with regular payments of commission, but interest will be less than usual (for example, 0.05% daily). To attract the referrals, it is necessary to use special referral link. Attention! Do not use your referral link for your own registration, your deposit can be blocked!
What is RCB (Referral Commission Back)?
Some monitors offer to return a referral commission from HYIP, instead they are asked to vote for HYIP or give feedback on the forum. When you register using referral link from monitoring site and become his referral, you are entitled to receive from the monitoring of extra money, called RCB. In this case, monitoring paid you amount of referral commission received for your deposit. This process is similar to the registration via your own referral link, but only in the case involving the monitoring, your deposit will not be blocked. RCB can be multiplied by the bonus factor. For example, 300% RCB means that HYIP monitoring is ready to return triple amount of referral commission.
What is "New", "Exclusive", "Premium", "Normal" and "SCAM" lists?
In the New shows recently added HYIPs to the monitoring, in the last 7 days. In the Exclusive list placed HYIPs with a deposit of $200 or more, in the Premium with a deposit of $100 or more, in the Normal with a deposit of $50 or more. Placing HYIP in any of the lists depends on the amount of deposit. In the SCAM list placed those projects that have stopped paying.
What is "Search of New HYIPs"?
This is a list of all the HYIP that have recently appeared on the Internet. In this list may be shows projects that has not added to list for monitoring. If sooner invest in HYIP, then will be more payments received before they stop paying and become SCAM. Very useful to track the opening of new programs, any new HYIP can be potential long-liver.
What is "Listing"?
It is a service of adding HYIP to the list for rating. In fact, this is the main service provided at monitoring site.
How to order RCB or send report about SCAM?
Appropriate links is near with each HYIP, on the main page of monitoring. To receive RCB, you need to follow certain conditions, read on the order page. To send a complaint you need to be an investor and have an active contribution in the HYIP. Be ready, we will ask you to provide username and password from the account of the HYIP, for pending withdrawals checking.
What is the difference between the types of payments "Manual", "Instant" and "Automatic"?
Manual payments mean that the administrator of HYIP makes payments manually. Instant payments means that orders of payment processed by program (site script), and produces immediately after request. Auto payments mean that the order and payment is done automatically, no need to visit HYIP site for payments request, money will automatically sent to an account in the payment system.
What is meant "Principal Return: Included in earnings"?
Some investment plans in HYIPs constructed so that a deposit is already included in the interest. That why, at the end of deposit term initial amount will not be returned, because it was received along payouts.
What is "Info"?
This is additional information services that can help the investor in choosing of HYIP and while investing in HYIP.
Alexa Rank it is rating of website via popularity, shall be calculated in many indicators.
All HYIP Monitors it is a statuses of many monitors for certain HYIP.
Whois Info and it is information about domain name, hosting company, server location and etc.
What advice you can give for HYIP newbie?
Do not spend what you can not afford to lose.
Not take a loan or credit for investing in HYIP.
Do not chase high interest, the safest is 1-3% daily.
Not spend all money in one HYIP, divide amount between 5-10, it will help reduce the risk of loss.
Do not use own referral link for registration of multiple accounts, you will be blocked without money refund.
Try to invest without the contribution, just keep in mind or write in text file date and amount of deposit. After HYIP closing you can calculate potential profit/losses and analyze it, correcting the criteria of HYIP choosing.
Always read the forums about HYIP, there are many discussions about HYIPs, various strategies and evaluation criteria. We think, the most popular English forum about HYIP it is

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